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This antique Buck Electric truck was part of an estate sale this past week at Charlie Buck’s home on Elm Street in Stonington. (David Collins/The Day) It looked like no one ever threw anything away all those Skip Tracer Professional years. Charlie, like his father, ran the business from the barn on the property, which also was filled to the rafters with tools and equipment, some old, some new, and all kinds of Stonington memorabilia, including an enormous Stonington Borough black safe inscribed in gilt letters. Also included in the sale was the detritus of Buck's hobbies, boats and cars, including a Rolls Royce sedan, a convertible Volkswagen bug, an MG roadster, a Jeep and an antique fire-engine-red Buck Electric work truck. The most startling thing I saw in all of it was the large portrait of a beautiful young Leslie Buck, in a wedding dress, which hangs prominently in the front parlor of the house. Charlie and Leslie, who had no children together, lived on Mason's Island Road, while Charlie continued to use the Elm Street property for his business. The lawyers who got him acquitted took the Mason's Island Road house, where Leslie took her fatal tumble down the stairs, in payment, and it was subsequently sold and torn down to make way for a new home. Charlie had moved back to the house where he grew up. The estate sale, with online bidding, was scheduled to wrap up Saturday. Just how much money is in the estate remains a mystery.

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